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TidyShift is a super-simple way to schedule shifts for your members of staff.

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Key Benefits

Saves Time

Our simple and intuitive system is much more efficient than manual shift planning and frees up your time to focus on the important stuff.

Access Anywhere

Employees can access the most up to date schedule wherever they are. This reduces the likelihood of mixing up shifts!

In-depth Analytics

TidyShift gives you summative metrics and key analytics that enable you to draw trends, conclusions and make key decisions.

Staff Input

Members of staff can easily request a change in the schedule, which can be made when approved. Once updated, this will be reflected on everyone's schedule!

Replace spreadsheets, paperwork and headaches!

Scheduling employees' shifts can be such a manual process at times when the wrong tools are being used.

TidyShift was built from the ground up with employee scheduling and shift management in mind. This means the system is optimised to save you time and make the task of employee scheduling and efficient a process as possible. With functionality, algorithms and updates all implemented with a specific purpose.

Reduce confusion

All members of staff see the same 'live' version of their schedule for the week. We've all seen it happen, someone has the latest version of the schedule for the week, but an update has been made and the message does not get through to the employee. They turn up at the wrong time, and the whole week becomes a whole mess!

"What are you doing here??", "You didn't see the updated rota!?!?" - our aim is to reduce the likelihood of this happening :)

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